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Hi, I'm Kim, a psychic medium. I can help you gain clarity by recognizing the power of your intuition. A reading with me helps you get right to the heart of the matter and move forward. Through the gift of discernment, I can sense connections to your loved ones no longer living in this physical world and encourage you by showing they are still connected to you through the most powerful force there is - Love.

A reading can help you move forward, which is the essence of hope and that sliver of light cutting through the darkness might be all you need to take the next step. 

A reading with me is like a second opinion for your intuition. Schedule your reading here.

“I was honored to receive an email reading from Kim and the intuitive connection and insight she provided me was way more than I expected. The insights were completely on point, and the amount of details she provided were incredible. The best part was the amount of love and kindness she provided. She went above and beyond and offered wonderful ideas and ways that would be beneficial for me. I would definitely get another email reading from her and highly recommend her work. She is truly a gifted intuitive and full of love, light, and care.”
— Ashley
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Kim the Medium

Kim has been intuitive and empathetic since childhood. She has long had the ability to see, sense, hear and feel the energy of people who had left the physical world. Kim has keen discernment which God uses allowing her to see beyond this dimension. Not only can Kim recognize those humans no longer living, but she can also identify non-human, even demonic, entities when they interact with this physical world. She believes these abilities to be gifts from God. Kim has chosen the title of "medium" because of the current belief about such an ability; however, she understands the historical and Biblical context of using the word. "Seer" or "discerner" might be more Biblically accurate but can also lead to wrong understanding because of cultural context. Kim does understand summoning of spirits is spoken against in Scripture and this is not what she does during a reading. God allows her to sense what He will for His purposes and the highest good of all involved. 

I can translate the language of frequency in a way you can understand.
— Kim

Kim loves to spend time studying human physiology, paranormal phenomena, dimension theory, quantum field theory, crystal therapy, psychic ability, mediumship and how faith in God plays a role in it all. Her intuitive abilities were present in her work as a Certified Massage Therapist and as a Certified Crystal Therapist and Healer.       Kim holds certifications from Cottonwood School of Massage Therapy, Love and Light School of Crystal Therapy and The James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts. 

With a passion for the arts, Kim enjoys painting her interpretation of the chakra energy of her clients. Each painting is a one-of-a-kind work of art and unique to the client and that particular reading. Your painting is a "snapshot" of your energy at the time of your reading. The art can be used during meditation to understand the state of your energetic and intuitive bodies further. Most clients continue to gain insight into their energetic body as they spend time viewing their painting. Your custom painting makes the perfect addition to your meditation space. 

Kim is a Christian, psychic medium, intuitive, and a mother of two who happens to be married to a pastor, living in always sunny Arizona. Kim's desire is to add to the conversation about Christians and their supernatural abilities and to encourage others on the same journey. She enjoys helping clients understand their intuition and energetic body, and receiving encouraging messages to help her clients live their best life.

If you'd like to Develop Your Intuition Kim has a FREE 5-Day E-Course to help you!

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