Intuition and Belief

child needs belief to climb steps

I think I might be psychic but I doubt myself. How can I believe?

My answer is always the same. Develop your intuition. Our intuition is our inner knowing and our internal GPS meant to help guide us. It's a gift given by God and meant to be strengthened and used for the highest good of all. Of course, we need intelligence to work hand-in-hand with intuition to make the best choices for our life, but God gives each of us intellect and intuition and we should develop them both to help ourselves and others.

Chances are if you think you might be psychic, you probably are. Most psychics don't welcome this gifting at first, because it carries a lot of responsibility and a lifetime to develop. You might be very excited to believe you have this gift, but then doubt creeps in and it seems like a massive lift to learn more about it. But, God chooses how he gifts people and if this gift is yours, you should learn more about it and what you are supposed to do with it.

Ask yourself the following questions and if you and see if they align with you.

  • Do you understand the ways in which psychics and mediums perceive and receive information?
  • Do you feel, see, and hear things you cannot explain?
  • Do you sense the emotions of others as accurately as your own?
  • When viewing a photograph or holding an object can you glean information about the photo or object when there’s no logical way you could have know the information?

I created The Spirited Life Project for intuitive women to help them discover and develop their psychic gifts and learn to use them in everyday life. It includes four modules and three bonuses and the entire course arrives right in your inbox upon checkout. It also includes How to Develop Your Intuition which is helps lay a great foundation for intuition to grow. 




Life can Flourish

cactus life growing in the desert

Life can flourish in the harshest conditions. 

Life always finds a way, no matter what the surrounding circumstances. 

No matter what anyone has told you, said about you, believed about you, or shared about you...

You are enough.  

You matter.  

You are perfect, whole, and complete just as you are. 

You have a purpose that only you can fulfill. Your purpose is being you. It isn't a job, family relationship, or money in your bank account. It is being the person God created you to be.

Follow your path one day at a time, and live out your purpose. You will flourish.  

One of my purposes in life is to encourage others to use their strengths. I created an online course called The Spirited Life Project to help intuitive women discover and develop their psychic gifts and learn to use them in everyday life. 

And always remember this truth:

Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
Your workmanship is marvelous, how well I know it. ~Psalm 139:4, The Bible



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