10 Ways To Raise Your Vibe

high vibes peace sign girl raise your vibe

When you feel like the world has gone crazy and nearly everyone needs a Xanax, make sure to manage your energy.

You can quickly raise your energetic vibration, and you'll feel better. Here are my favorite ways to get to a high vibe state fast

  1. Meditation, even five minutes does wonders
  2. Gratitude journaling makes a great daily habit
  3. Laughter is truly the best medicine
  4. Listen to music you love, dancing encouraged
  5. Do something creative just for fun
  6. Yoga or any other mind-body exercise feels great
  7. Nature walks in the sunshine are a fantastic vibe booster
  8. Prayer manifests miracles
  9. Reading from an inspirational book
  10. Random acts of kindness are a gentle way to encourage others

Are You An Empath is a post you should read if you feel as if you're taking on the energy of those around you. 

I also have a list of self-care ideas here.

And my Intuition Courses can help you stay centered, grounded and in touch with your inner knowing and guidance. We can all use more of that!


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