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I'm pretty rigid in maintaining a daily routine of certain spiritual practices. I might miss a day here or there, but it's pretty rare. Enjoyable rituals, traditions, and feel-good habits set the tone for a slow start to my day.

My schedule might be full and busy, but the way I begin my morning lays the groundwork for a beautiful day ahead. If you want a behind-the-scenes look at how I begin each day you can get that below! You can create your own sacred space and daily spiritual practice and start today! 


I already have my favorite tools at the ready because I have created a sacred space with this intention. My journal, favorite candle, pens, and cards of inspirational quotes help me to connect to my deeper intuition. I practice the techniques myself that I teach in my e-course beginning with meditation. This meditation allows my intuition to flow from a clean heart-space and helps guide my day. 

The ritual of making fresh coffee and reading from an inspirational book often happen before sunrise. Reading my Bible and a writing a gratitude list follow and then I choose how to invest my time for the remainder of the day. A heart of gratitude is an incredible platform on which to build a business and a life. These are simple practices but the effect they have upon your life can be profound. Making certain to maintain my spiritual practices only benefits my job. A spiritual life is one you live out daily. It isn't an event you attend every week. 

Set the intention of practicing these spiritual habits and see how it improves your daily personal and professional life. Make sure to let me know what happens!




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