Mediumship Goes Mainstream

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Sometimes when I tell people what I do, they respond with a head snap, eyes opening wide or a drop of the jaw. Other times I get peppered with a million questions. People want to know if I honestly do what I say I do. I do have the spiritual gift of discernment, and I refer them to my client testimonials and answer any questions to the best of my ability. There were decades where my abilities were not widely known. Not because I kept them hidden, but because most people didn't believe me. It is refreshing to be able to speak openly about my gifts thanks in large part to the mainstreaming of psychic gifts. I feel less alone and my abilities more accepted. Of course, people always want to know if I see dead people and if I can give them the winning lottery numbers. Yes and no. 

Mediumship has been sought after, discussed, debated and contested forever. I know the Bible verses that speak about psychics and mediums. I also know the Bible verses that talk about the gift of discernment. The subject of this post isn't to debate the validity of psychic ability or to sway your opinion to the believing side. I'm also not going to defend my position of being a Christian while also having and using supernatural, spiritual gifts. But, with these subjects becoming increasingly more discussed from the classroom to the water cooler, most people have formed an opinion one way or the other. And that leads to more discovery, discussion, and validation. 

In recent years television shows, podcasts, and an enormous online presence brought mediumship out from the covering of the Spiritualist movement to a more mainstream audience. Some people have never given mediumship a single thought. Others have no issue with psychic ability at all because they are in a spiritually open-minded family. Some people are certain psychic ability doesn't exist period. For others, it flies in the face of their core foundational and religious beliefs, and they recite the Bible verses I mentioned earlier. I shared some of my general thoughts in the post Cynics vs. Skeptics, but I always hope to add to the discussion of psychic ability inside and outside of religious circles by blogging and writing my book. 

I agree it does take having an open mind to accept psychic and mediumistic abilities. Having an open mind is all I ask of anyone. No wonder many psychics and mediums have remained quiet about their abilities to their family and friends, what with charlatans claiming psychic ability while having none and lack of religious understanding. It isn't right to feel shamed for using the gifts God gave you. And trust me, it is intensely painful. 

So, I continue to seek knowledge and understanding of my spiritual gifts while helping others develop their own. With the moving of psychic and mediumistic gifts into the mainstream, the masses are seeing more people operate in their gifts. This movement can bring more questions than answers, but the broadening of this discussion is exciting. First-hand knowledge and experience is a good thing. I will add the caution though that much of what you watch on television or see in movies isn't the reality of those of us with these gifts. Sometimes the portrayal of a psychic is accurate and other times much less so. It is less glamorous, can be draining and on occasion quite frightening. But one thing rings true throughout all the mainstream chatter, which is, if you don't use your gift to bring glory to God and encourage others, it will feel like a weighty burden. 

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