A Psychic or a Medium

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What is a psychic?

A medium?

A psychic medium?

I know there seems to be a lot of confusion in these terms. I use psychic medium, spirit medium, psychic, medium, intuitive, discerner, and more to help describe what I do, depending on my audience. Some people are open to my gifts and others not so much. I always want to be considerate and respectful of those I engage with regarding my spiritual gifts. I simply ask for the same respect in return.

Psychic and medium are two sides of the same coin. I do believe that all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Psychic is the term more commonly used but tends to encompass a wide variety of gifts. The general public thinks of psychics as those people you dial on the phone to receive insight into your love or work life and predict future events in your life or on the planet at large. I still have yet to meet any psychic with the ability to predict winning lottery numbers correctly. Obviously, this would be selfish, and it doesn't work that way. Psychics are skilled at sensing energy and any dynamic changes in spirit within a living human body. They also have the ability to detect a living human's energy body which extends beyond the physical body as well as the aura surrounding the living person. The living person need not be in the same physical space as the psychic to have the psychic be able to read their energy.

A medium, the flip side of that gifted coin, can sense everything a psychic can, but can also receive impressions, memories, and more from human spirits no longer living within a physical body. A medium can also sense demons, angels, and other unknown entities. Now, this is one area where I differ from many mediums. I do believe in demons and evil. Many other mediums do not. I have a healthy respect for the supernatural because I am human, not God, and there's so much I don't understand, let alone comprehend fully. But, I can rely on God's word as a guidepost and Scripture makes it very clear demons and evil exist. And I think if we're honest we know evil is real because you don't have to possess supernatural gifts to experience it. 

Psychic and mediumistic gifts work hand-in-hand. Some days using these gifts feels more like a blessing and other days more like a curse. But, learning more about these spiritual gifts and how to operate in them is a great beginning. 

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