3 Easy Ways to Connect to Your Intuition

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Intuition is your inner knowing, the sense you have about a person or situation outside of logic or current facts.

You feel it in your gut, which is often called the second brain. You might not be able to fully explain in words why you feel the way you do about a situation, you simply feel the way you do. Intuition is a normal human ability that everyone has, but we tend to listen to it less and less as we age. 

  • You can rely on intuition for guidance.
  • You can stop overthinking every decision you make.
  • You can create a better flow of intuition and make those decisions faster.
  • You can know intuition only works for your best interest and the good of others-it will never lead you to harm yourself or someone else.

Three easy ways to connect to your intuition:

Gratitude - Speaking out loud things that you are grateful for raises your energetic vibration and connects you to your intuition fast. There are so many things to be thankful for daily, including the sunshine, family, friends, the scent of coffee in the morning, the ability to read, the flowers you saw on your morning walk, etc.

Raising your vibration - Raising your energetic vibration lays the groundwork for intuition to develop and flow. There are many ways to raise your vibe (and feel really good) such as eating raw foods, walking on the grass barefooted (called earthing), dancing or moving your body in some way, a tech and news detox, doing something creative just for fun, and carrying out random acts of kindness. Get more ideas in my High Vibe Guide here

Meditation - Sitting still in the quiet and focusing your thoughts on your intended outcome for even five minutes makes a huge difference to intuitive connection. When stressful thoughts enter your mind, simply set them aside to attend to later. Set your intention for the meditation to be calm, peaceful, and relaxed. This will boost your intuitive connection today and everyday you choose to meditate. 

If you'd like to deepen your connection to your intuition I have several courses that can help and they are found here


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