A Mother's Love Never Ends

mother and child

It's the truth that love never fails.

The love a mother has for her child is fierce, focused, and unyielding. Nothing can ever sever the ties between mother and child. Nothing. Not even physical death.

Mother's Day is a time of celebration but can also be a time of deep pain for some. Losing a child is never something to move past or completely heal over. And losing your mother shakes your foundation to its core. But take comfort in the fact that the energy of love doesn't cease to exist once physical death occurs. Our consciousness is still very present and alive after we leave this physical world.

Thinking about our passed loved ones brings a wide range of emotions to the surface, but it also shows those loved ones although they are gone they are not forgotten. Remembering your loved ones in spirit is a way to honor them and the love and memories you've shared. These shared memories are often what is revealed to me during a reading

Take some time to honor the bonds between mother and child and this never-ending connection. Remember, celebrate, share. 


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