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Empathy has a psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

Are you an empath? If you are even slightly empathetic, guarding yourself against absorbing the emotions of others is an important skill to learn. During daily life, you encounter people with high emotions such as joy and love. You also run across those with lower energetic states, those suffering from depression, loneliness, anger, and the like. When you are empathetic in nature, you can take on the emotions of the people around you. It feels as if the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. Unless you are skilled at grounding and clearing your energy, you can mistake the feelings of others as your own. Absorbing others' energy is such a challenge. You are experiencing your emotions while feeling the emotions of those around you. And you don't only pick up the emotions of people you know, such as family, friends, and co-workers. You can sponge up the feelings of complete strangers. And this can be a huge problem for an empath.

How do you recognize if you have the gift of empathy? Most people are empathetic to a degree. We care about our family and friends and others we know in a close relationship. We care about our fellow human beings, animals, and the planet. More empathetic people tend to sense the emotions of other people to a greater degree. They will become sad even when they have no factual basis for feeling that way. They can have a sense of anger when at the same time they can't trace that emotion back to any event in their life. But, they feel the anger nonetheless. It can be exhausting and take a toll on their health, career, and relationships.

Those who are truly gifted empaths, feel the emotions of others very strongly, whether they know those people or not. And they feel those emotions in a very profound and deep way. It can overwhelm an empath if they aren't grounded in their physical body and if their energetic body is not a clear channel for their emotions. Many gifted empaths are often found working in metaphysical careers. They can find support in using their gifts vocationally, while also having support in grounding and clearing their energy. The atmosphere is quite literally more conducive to their work. 

Mind-body practices, such as yoga, are fantastic for keeping the physical and energy body healthy for most everyone, especially empaths. A healthy physical body is a much better home for a healthy mind and soul. And when managing your energy body, you can often remove something that could manifest later in the physical body. Mind-body techniques are beneficial because they can help reveal what emotions are genuinely belonging to the empath and those belonging to others. 

Being empathetic also means caring for your energy body. You do this by recognizing and releasing your personal emotions, keeping healthy emotional boundaries, and understanding when feelings you have are not from you, but rather from others. You can learn to allow the emotions of others to pass by you more quickly if you have not fully absorbed them. Empaths are committed to clearing their chakra system and balancing it so they can be a clear, flowing energetic channel. This is a mindful practice but one worth the pursuit. 

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