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"I am Christian, and I want to go to this psychic office I live near. I know that you are supposed to go to God for guidance and not a psychic, but I am not seeking guidance. I only want to go out of curiosity to know what it's like. Am I allowed to go"?

I am a Christian and a medium, so I've been asked this question or something similar quite often. I have psychic ability. And I’m married to a pastor. So, if that makes your head spin around, sorry but not sorry. My spiritual gifts are simply that. God-given spiritual gifts, given to me by God. But, my gifts are not welcome in most churches. I understand that. It is because these gifts and many of the Scriptures quoted in rebuking those with abilities and faith like mine are fear-based misunderstandings. 

I know it is sinful to seek out fortune-telling from a psychic. It is sinful to seek this from anyone no matter what label they give their “gift." Many a “word of knowledge” has been given in church when those words are from the sinful flesh of the giver and have nothing Godly about them. But label them in such a way as to “churchify” them, and then they are supposed to be acceptable and Godly? Ahem…no. We should go to God for the direction of our future. However, God places people in our lives to guide, instruct, teach and direct us but the choices we make about our future are up to us. Yes, free will applies.

We have to be very careful to not throw the baby out with the bathwater here. I use the words “psychic” and “medium” to describe my work because people are more open to hearing what it is that I do for work using these descriptors. I never expected fellow Christians to embrace my gifts, but they have. They read my writings, take my classes, book readings with me, and have a better understanding of my spiritual gifts. Discernment is an excellent way to describe my gifts in faith circles. 

So, research the psychic you wish to see. I do advise that because ideally, you want to find one that aligns with your faith. Just like any other spiritual gift, sinful people use their gifts correctly and some incorrectly. Make an appointment if you’d like. But, curiosity didn’t kill the proverbial cat, and it won’t send you to hell. Just know God and only God will have the answers you seek for your future life. He can be trusted completely and entirely to guide you when you seek Him. Psychic ability has an element of prediction, but any and all life choices you make are solely up to you. 

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