Challenges, Growth, and Intuition

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Growth comes when we admit to ourselves and others that we don't know it all. 

We don't see everything. 
We haven't been everywhere. 
We only walk in our shoes. 


Growth occurs most often through challenges in life. Smooth sailing doesn't usually result in significant life shifts or even a change in perspective. But there is more than one way to grow from enduring a challenge. 

We grow through academic study and increasing our intelligence. 
We also grow through developing our intuition. 
We gain facts and evidence to make more informed decisions.
We pass tests of all kinds. 

Intelligence and intuition work hand-in-hand, or at least they should. Avoiding or favoring one over the other leads to less than your best life. The idea that intelligence and intuition are in opposition to one another isn't correct. Both are necessary and important for fact-finding, decision-making, stopping the cycle of over-thinking, and helping you live your best life. God created us with two sides of our brain, and they ideally should work together in harmony. 

And then enter a challenge. What direction do you turn? Where should your next step be? Who can you trust? Intuition says trust. Intelligence says verify. You must do both. 

Often a client will book a reading because they need a second opinion for their intuition. That's great! It helps to confirm what you already know. You might have arrived at your current state of being after fact-finding and evidence-gathering, but you still need a nudge. I can nudge you, but I can't act for you. Inspired action is powerful and purposeful, but it's a verb. It is something you must do. 

Gaining intellectual knowledge is powerful but so is developing your intuition. Together they can help you work through challenges that arise and help you create your best life. The incredible energy you radiate can change your life and the lives of others. 

Your intuition is your inner voice, that inner knowing that won’t ever steer you wrong. It always acts on behalf of your best interest and the highest good of others. Intuition will never lead you to harm yourself or others.

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