Change, Desires, Dreams, and Regret

regret dreaming woman

The only moment that truly exists is this.The past is gone, and the future is yet to be.

Many times in psychic mediumship readings we explore the desire to change the past, create a better future, and fulfill life-long dreams. Often the feeling of regret is felt by my clients and sometimes by their loved ones no longer living in this physical world. 

My advice is the same every single time. Don't live with regret. It's no way to live and surely no way to die. We all have areas of life where we have made mistakes. We've spoken harsh words, lashed out in anger, or refused forgiveness. We are only hurting ourselves by holding onto these destructive thoughts, actions, and emotions. 

If something or someone in your past continues to affect your present negatively, take back your power. That one profound change firmly roots you in preparation for creating an incredible future. You can dream bigger dreams and connect with your most authentic desires when you are in a state of mindful intention day-to-day. Think before you speak and act and only do so from a place of loving intent. 

It takes daily practice, but the results are well worth it. We can learn and grow even after physical death but why wait? Make the changes necessary, don't allow regret to damage relationships, and build an incredible future where your dreams and desires flourish and add value to the world. 

If you're unsure of where to begin this daily practice of mindful intention, my free 5-day email course How to Develop Your Intuition is the perfect start. Learn to listen to your inner knowing, trust it, and take action when it guides you to do so. 


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