Change Your Perspective

white peacock feathers change perspective

Changing your perspective can begin from outside the body and also from within it. 

Perspective is more than mere observation. 

A simple example of how important perspective is? The peacock in all it's beautiful glory can be overlooked when viewed from behind because the plumage appears only white. A simple change of perspective makes all the difference. When viewed from the front a peacock becomes one of the more colorful and majestic animals ever created. Both views are beautiful in their own right, but perspective changes a lot. 

So, how does perspective help you be open to your intuition?

When you are open to seemingly opposing points of view and are willing to change your perspective, you can grow and mature. You don't have to always agree with everyone else. Who would want that? But, with even slight changes in your perspective, you are better able to understand different facts and new information, and it can make you a more compassionate human being. 

Your intuition will reveal more things to you once you're in a more compassionate state of being. You can't only see things the way you have in the past. We should use our intellect for fact-finding, but intuition is equally as crucial for information gathering and decision making. 

You might view something or someone from a particular perspective, but you should be open to seeing things a different way. Be open to intuitive nudges and come from a place of compassion and love. If the only way you had ever seen a peacock was from behind, think of all you'd have missed. When intuition nudges you to look at something or someone a different way, do it. The results might surprise you, but it's always going to be worth it. 

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