Christians And Psychic Mediums

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Some Christians have a difficult time with the concept of cross-dimensional communication outside of prayer.

Christians know there is life after death. This is supernatural while also being fact. The idea that someone can see, sense, and hear into this spiritual realm causes so much grief because of religious bias and cultural context. Some of it good and some not so much.

The God-given gift of discernment is accepted in religious circles except when you challenge the commonly held belief that this gift is mostly to be used for demon spotting and casting out.

As a Christian myself, I’ve read Bible verses about mediumship and conjuring the dead. I don’t do that. I’ve also read verses about ghosts, including the Holy Ghost. We must look at verses in light of the entirety of Scripture and outside of teaching we accept as fact that might not be so.

Our beliefs might simply be traditions we’ve accepted as truth.

I use my God-given spiritual gift of discernment and bring healing, guidance, encouragement, and Biblical truth to hurting people. Yes, I call myself a psychic medium because of the currently accepted secular meaning of that title, which still isn’t completely accurate. Christians should use their own discernment and intuition when seeking encouragement and guidance from psychic mediums or anyone else. This includes those inside the church and out. My spiritual gifts are Biblically based and I try to shine my light where I can. 

I use the terminology I do on purpose because there's a mission behind it.

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The Bible makes it clear we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses. It also makes clear there are many mysteries we won’t understand until we’re on the other side of the veil. Fear (or jealousy) of others’ gifts is all too common in church and those gifts are often misunderstood. So, I’m doing what I can to change that and to help people along the way. 

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