Clearing Energy From Your Home

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It doesn't matter if you live in a brand new home or one that is 100 years old. There will at some point be a build up of energy because your home is on land and because you and others live or have lived there at one time.

This residual energy isn't a bad thing per se; it just needs to be addressed to allow the flow of energy to continue. Remove the excess energy from your home on a regular basis. Energetic cleansing should be done covering the entire home inside and out on a regular basis just like any other regular home cleaning, but you can use smudge or a salt water mist in one room at a time if you feel the need. Here are a few necessary tools for the job and instructions on how to use them.

Water and salt.

You can't get more basic than this! Washing the surfaces of your home, the walls, the floors, the windows, etc. will remove stagnant, excessive energy and lay the foundation for healthy energetic flow. Dissolve a small amount of sea salt in clean water and wipe away any energetic contamination. Having a spray bottle that contains this same mixture is handy. You can spray away psychic pollution by spraying higher in the air in a room and allowing the water drops to fall to the floor. Walk the perimeter of each room in your home and mist lightly. Let the mist fall where it may. A good guideline is one tablespoon of sea salt dissolved in one cup of water. Shake the spray bottle before misting. 

Fresh air.

This solution seems simple, and it is. Weather permitting, open the windows and allow the sun or moonlight and fresh air to enter and exit your home. The movement of the wind will loosen any congested pockets of energy, and the light will cleanse them. 


I prefer to use palo santo, but many people use bundles of sage. For either one, the method is the same and so is the result. Hold the palo santo stick or sage bundle on one end, and light the other end with a match or candle lighter. The sage will burn more quickly than will the palo santo. Allow the smoke to rise from the flame. Extinguish the fire by gently blowing on it, allowing the smoke to continue to rise. Make sure to have water available and follow all fire safety precautions. And never leave your smudge stick unattended. As with the salt water mister, you can walk the perimeter of each room in your home and allow the smoke to flow where the air takes it. I like to trace the outline of each door and window and swirl the smoke in the center of each room. Once I smudge each room inside my home, I like to walk the perimeter of my yard, tracing each door and window frame from the outside. My neighbors are used to this behavior and think nothing of it now! Some people like to use a feather and a shell bowl to hold their smudge stick, and that's fine, but it isn't necessary. I prefer to use one hand to hold and the other to distribute the smoke. One method isn't better than the other; it comes down to personal preference. Once my entire home is smudged, I open the windows, turn on the ceiling fans and allow the smoke and any energy contained within it, to exit on the wind. 


I always ask God to bless my home and keep the energy positive, healing and high vibration only. I recite a Bible verse or two to close out my energy cleansing session and to set the intention for a peaceful, grounded, love-filled home. Prayer is a beautiful way to energetically clear the environment right away because this is tapping into the Source of love and that is the highest vibration of all.


Music is incredibly healing. Whatever feels right for you and raises your emotional vibration (makes you euphoric), can be used to clear your home of residual energy. Turn up the volume and move your body too! A good solo dance party makes for a great energy cleaner.


Clear quartz is one of my favorite crystals. It truly is the master crystal. It can absorb energy very quickly so it must regularly be cleansed, but having a larger piece of clear quartz in your home can help keep energies cleared, flowing and balanced. You can rinse the quartz under clear running water and place in a bowl of lightly salted water overnight to cleanse it. Rinse again in the morning and dry. Holding the freshly cleaned quartz in your hands, allow your intention to maintain an energetically clean home to flow from your heart to the crystal. Then place this crystal out of direct sunlight but in a place where people tend to gather in your home. 

Using one or more of the methods I've outlined will keep your home free from energetic stagnation and contamination. Try one or try them all. Continue to clear the residual energy from your home on a monthly basis, and the results will be a fresh, flowing energetic space for you and those you love. Some of my favorite resources for energy cleansing tools are below. And if you'd like, get the download to keep this checklist handy for your next energy cleansing session. 


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