Conflicting Psychic Readings

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You see two psychics and receive different information from each of them.


No two readings are ever the same because your energy, and the energy of the psychic, is continually changing, and that’s a good thing. When you see one psychic for a reading, there might be a high need for specific information to come through that day. This information is out of the control of the client and the psychic. Yes, there's a great deal of trust that is needed and shows why client testimonials are essential. 

Not all psychics have the same gifts or abilities. One might be more clairvoyant and another heavily clairaudient. But, all psychics and mediums too, work for the spiritual world first, and the client second. God is my ultimate boss and controls the information I receive and when. 

No one psychic will “see” everything in a reading. My readings as a psychic medium are a snapshot of your energy at the time of your reading and anyone connected to you no longer living in this physical world might make themselves known, or they might not. Just because a client desires a particular result from a reading doesn’t mean it will happen. 

We receive what we most need, not what we most want.

Psychics are empathetic and have to work at remaining grounded. It can be too easy to have energy and emotion remaining from the last reading you gave showing up with another client. A good psychic will limit the number of readings they give in a day and will manage their energy and boundaries well. A good psychic will also recognize when their cosmic wires get crossed and correct it. 

Each psychic should continue to study and strengthen their abilities to provide the best readings possible. This dedication takes time, patience, commitment and financial resources on the part of the psychic. But, this responsibility is one each psychic must accept. 

Psychics are not infallible. We're human and have certain biases and try as we might they can interfere. It's my job only to relay the information and evidence I'm given and leave interpretation up to you. Psychic readings are not open to interpretation by the psychic. I trust what I receive and present it to you.

A reading is a healing and encouraging gift and one I hope you receive for yourself.

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Stealing causes bad karma and no one wants that. 

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