Crystals and Self Care

clear quartz crystal

Self-care is an essential part of life and crystals can help enhance your daily routine.

Remaining an open, energetic channel is vital to living your best life. Crystals add to self-care in a variety of ways. Grids, layouts, placed throughout your home, worn as jewelry, and held during meditation are only a few methods for enhancing your self-care practices with crystals. 

Tumbled or polished stones are the best to work with for self-care because they are the most comfortable when worn or placed on the body. Quartz crystals are excellent for those just beginning to work with crystals and incorporating them into their self-care. 

When choosing crystals let intuition be your guide. A reputable new age store close to you will be more than happy to help. Quartz crystals are accessible almost everywhere. Once your crystals are chosen and home with you, cleansing them is the first step. For tumbled/polished quartz stones you can run them under lukewarm water to cleanse away any residual energy. Then lay them in the moonlight to charge overnight. There are many ways to cleanse and charge crystals, but this method is one of the simplest. The following morning, your crystals are ready to be added to your self-care routine. 

Remember to cleanse and charge your crystals on a regular basis. Ashley Leavy and Judy Hall have both written extensively on this subject. 

A few crystals I recommend and use daily are:

  • Amethyst is a mothering, comforting crystal. It's wonderful to wear as jewelry and to assist you in developing your intuition. It should be during meditation with the intention of awakening your intuition and spiritual gifts. Tucking a small round stone in the corner of your pillowcase is a wonderful way to ensure sweet dreams.
  • Clear quartz is considered to be the master crystal and is excellent for directing energy in your home to prevent stagnation. 
  • Citrine is an excellent mood booster and is used to bring happiness to oneself and others. It is known to spark creativity and imagination. So, if you engage in a creative activity, include citrine in your space. 
  • Rose Quartz added to a bath creates a luxurious soak. Rose quartz boosts the love of self, and that's what self-care is all about. Gently place a few large tumbled pieces in a bathtub by your feet and soak in the beautiful, loving energy. Round, flat rose quartz (also known as palm stones) help create a soothing facial massage. (This is wonderful for self-care or when shared with a partner!)


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