Crystals for the Heart

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I'm a psychic medium, but I'm also a Certified Crystal Therapist. If you didn't know that already, you can read more about me here.

Since February is the month we typically focus on love and issues of the heart, I thought I'd pass along a few great crystals to use when working with your heart chakra energy center. 

You will notice that green and pink colored stones are appropriate for the heart chakra. Both colors affect this energy center and all the crystals listed below work equally well. So choose one crystal according to your desired intent. 

  • Green aventurine - releases negativity and energy blockages, and increases creativity.
  • Emerald - releases negative emotions.
  • Rose quartz - opens the heart to good feelings of love, trust, friendship, and compassion.
  • Pink calcite - opens the heart.
  • Ruby - assists emotional healing of the heart.

Choose one of these crystals, holding it during meditation with the intention listed above, and reap the additional benefits. If you'd like, use one of my guided meditations. Crystals realign energy and chakras and can assist in opening your heart center. Any reputable new age store will have a wide selection of crystals and be able to teach you how to care for your stones.

Rose quartz is a perfect stone for beginners! You can add a larger piece or two of rose quartz to a bath and soak in the benefits. That sounds so relaxing and the perfect form of self-care, so that's what I'll be doing tonight!


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