Crystals for the New Year


The start of each new year is always an exciting time for me. I love the newness of the year ahead and the unlimited possibility that lies before me. I do spend every January first in gratitude for the year gone by and in anticipation of a fantastic year upcoming. I make time for reflection but also planning. I don't brood over any goals not met in the prior year but rather I set new intentions and begin to craft a plan to bring them to fruition. 

One of my routines for the new year is choosing crystals I intend to work with throughout the year. These crystals will play a supportive role in helping me meet my set intentions and to keep me in alignment with my goals and dreams. As a Certified Crystal Therapist I am familiar with which crystals will be most supportive of my goals, but as a medium, I always rely on my intuition for guidance. For my work as a medium several crystals that I work with on a daily basis are black obsidian, clear quartz, labradorite, and selenite. Crystals are a part of my Daily Spiritual Practice. If you'd like to learn more about my practice and ideas for how to develop your own spiritual practice today, get my download below. 

Crystals I am working with (and you can too) this year are: 
Smokey Quartz- erases fear and doubt
Rhodonite- held when saying daily affirmations
Carnelian- painting creation, positive attitude
Green Aventurine- good health
Citrine- increased courage, confidence and self-worth and manifesting
Pyrite- manifesting
Amethyst- celebrating your unique story
Epidote- emotional booster, high vibe, boosts personal power and memory, balances, releases energies. 
Any quartz such as amethyst, citrine, rose and clear quartz are all great stones for beginners and seasoned crystal lovers alike. They will help magnify your intentions, manifest your desires, and boost your healthy self-esteem. We can all use more of those in the new year! 

If you'd like to learn more about crystals I highly recommend the following to get you started:


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