Cynics vs Skeptics


People often ask me how I handle questions by those who are doubtful of my abilities. In short, I don't. Honestly, I am not going to spend time trying to convince a cynic of my abilities or the legitimacy of my work. That would be a massive waste of time and energy.

Some people refuse to believe in mediumship, psychic ability, clairvoyance, or any similar natural gifting. That makes me incredibly sad and it leads to shaming people who do truly have these gifts. What's the point of disbelieving someone so vehemently? Could it be that your resistance and disbelief is more about you and less about them? 

We all have intuition or a gut-check if you will, and we should learn to listen to it. Listening to this quiet inner knowing is important for guidance and clarity. It's important to understand how large a role intuition plays in every day life. Of course, it doesn't mean you ignore intelligence, logic, and cold hard facts. They work hand-in-hand. At least they should.

Intuition can benefit decision-making, relationships, career, and more if we strive to understand and develop it. You can learn to hear the signals your intuition is sending you and live your best life because of it. As for the naysayers, my intuition says ignore them.              

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Skeptics are different from cynics in that they are at least open to the possibility that they don't know everything. They have a healthy and natural questioning of my work and rightly so. There have been those who for whatever reason have used their ability to take advantage of others, or they have no ability at all yet trick people into believing they do and prey upon the most vulnerable among us. I have seen people do this outside of religious circles and within them as well. 

I am more than happy to explain what I do to anyone, and if they have doubts, all I ask is they listen. I love reading the energy of my clients and the energies around them and then painting my interpretation of my findings. It's so fulfilling, enlightening and high vibe! It's a fantastic job, calling, and life!  Now, I can't fully explain how I do what I do because there's always more to learn about my abilities. Plus, I'm not God, so I don't know everything. And I'm okay with that. Hopefully, you can be too. 

So, to cynics, I say you are welcome to believe as you wish. I won't try to convince you to believe otherwise. To skeptics, I say thanks for being open. That is most appreciated. 


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