Daily Meditation

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Daily meditation isn't complicated or time-consuming, and it isn't only for spiritual gurus.

People tend to make strict rules about what meditation is and is not, and how to go about it. Meditation has a lot of healthful benefits, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It's wonderful for everyone to practice, even a few minutes a day. 

The simpler we approach meditation, the more profound the results can be.

Sitting in the quiet and calming the inner chatter of the mind is meditation at the most basic level. When you meditate it doesn’t mean you empty your mind, but rather you allow any thoughts filtering in to come to your attention and then you choose to set them aside to focus on them at a later time. This setting-aside takes practice but the results are worth it. 

Quieting of the mind during meditation creates an inner stillness to match the body. This alignment is so peaceful and soothing, even when done for a few minutes. Sitting still in a comfortable and upright position, closing the eyes, slowing the breath, and then choosing to set aside each random thought that comes to your mind is an easy daily meditation. You choose what to focus on during meditation. There isn't a lack of focus, but a chosen one.

You can focus your thoughts on a Bible verse, an inspirational phrase, or a memory of a favorite place. Your mind has a powerful ability to "see" these things in a new way. You might discover certain details about your favorite location that you weren't aware of before. Over time, focusing on the tiniest of details can assist in developing psychic ability. It's one of the many lessons I teach in The Spirited Life Project.

Our minds are incredibly loud which is the opposite of our intuition. Intuition is so much quieter. If you want to develop your intuition, you must quiet the mind. Intuition won't fight to be heard, but it's still there giving you signals important to living your best life. You just don't hear it. 

Adding a few minutes of daily meditation is beneficial to our entire being. Why not try it today?


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