Empaths and Introverts

crying introvert empath

Many introverts are also empaths. (Raises hand!)

When you are empathetic in nature, you can take on the emotions of the people around you. It feels as if the weight of the world rests on your shoulders. Unless you are skilled at grounding and clearing your energy, you can mistake the feelings of others as your own.

Empaths will relate to the following:

  • We care about our family and friends and others we know in a close relationship.
  • We care about our fellow human beings, animals, and the planet.
  • As empathetic people, we tend to sense the emotions of other people to a greater degree, and in a profound and deep way, whether we know them closely or not.
  • We will become sad even when we have no factual basis for feeling that way. Empaths can have a sense of anger when at the same time we can't trace that emotion back to any event in our own life.

It can be exhausting and take a toll on our health, career, and relationships.

Mind-body practices, such as yoga, are fantastic for keeping the physical and energy body healthy for most everyone, especially empaths. Yoga can be a solitary practice which is perfect for introverts. Know which emotions are genuinely belonging to the empath and those belonging to others. Learn to allow the emotions of others to pass by more quickly and not fully absorbed them.

Introverts are introspective and often like to journal their emotions. I do! These practices are perfect for releasing energy and emotion that are not yours to keep. Empaths that are committed to clearing their chakra system and balancing it are a clear, flowing energetic channel. This is a mindful practice but one worth the pursuit. It has been for me!

Understanding my energy body and intuition has helped me greatly and is just one of the reasons why I created my free email course How to Develop Your Intuition. It can help empaths and introverts understand the signals their intuition is sending, remain grounded energetically, and in tune with their own energy. 



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