Energy Management for Light Workers

light worker woman

Lightworkers-those who dedicate themselves to being a brightly shining light in the world by bringing love to places of fear. 

All lightworkers such as psychics, mediums, empaths, ministers, energy healers, etc., must understand their energetic body and work to maintain it's health. They must balance their own energy needs with those of the world around them.

For a lightworker, this balancing act can be easily overwhelming. At times of heightened physical or emotional stress, the challenge grows. 

Exercises that develop your lightworker abilities are also those that can maintain good energetic health. Meditation, gratitude journaling, yoga or other mind-body practices are just a few of the ways to manage your energy. When you make sure to keep your cup full, it can overflow onto others and they, in turn, can do the same. The golden highway of energy continuously flows and changes lives. Yours included. 

What else can you do to maintain and increase your energy as a Lightworker?

  • Number one? Develop your intuition.
  • Set boundaries so you can recharge.
  • A healthy diet helps you bring your light.
  • Reading inspirational books and being dedicated to personal development allows you to help more people because you better understand yourself and your abilities.
  • Find contentment in uncertainty. You don't have to know everything to trust everything will work out.
  • Don't hold back showing emotion physically. Cry when needed.
  • Know what energy is yours and what you've picked up from other people. Then release all of it through grounding practices. 
  • Have fun. All work and no play as the saying goes.

Lightworkers are needed. Shine bright




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