Evidential Mediumship

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What is evidential mediumship? As a medium, it's my responsibility to bring forth evidence from Spirit that can be validated.

I can never guarantee that a particular loved one will come through in a message, but I do want clients to understand who is communicating with them. I don't summon or conjure spirits. I read the energetic frequency around me, note any changes and translate it. Evidential mediumship also means I use discernment to help navigate operating in my gifts, and not automatically believing every piece of potential evidence offered to me. 

To learn more about how I receive the information I do, download "The Claires" below.


The evidence I gather in a message such as personality traits, a name or initial, a month that is significant, family relationships, a shared memory, and favorite foods, are a few of the pieces of evidence I can gather during a message. I always ask Spirit for additional information that can be validated if I feel I'm not getting anything accurate enough. Now, it can happen that some evidence won't be able to be verified during your appointment, but the majority of it will. Sometimes you might need to ask other family members about a piece of information because it might have more meaning for them than it does for you. Other times you might simply need to sit with the information delivered in a message and see if a deeper understanding develops.

As a medium, gathering evidence from Spirit carries a lot of responsibility, and I take my job seriously. I want my clients to feel confident in the messages they receive because they know who gave the message. Messages should be encouraging and meaningful and by gathering specific evidence from Spirit is the best way to ensure that happens. You can book a reading with me here.


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