Expectations of a Psychic Medium Reading

woman behind veil spirit reading

Reading is a soul to soul energetic meeting, in which I receive impressions, thoughts, memories, personality traits, etc. from your energy and spirits and I ask God to help me discern the information I am getting. 

You might go into a reading and expect a particular spirit to show up, or answer a specific question for you, or guide you in some way. You can't start with the answers. Holding onto expectations so tightly can ruin the energy of a reading. God allows who he will to show up, so this is where trust comes in. I'm not here to tell you what you want to hear, predict your future precisely, or to possibly connect to a specific person no longer living in this physical world. What you most need to receive will come through in the reading. Prediction can occur, but any life choices are up to you. You can choose to use the discerned information I give you to make more informed decisions, but the decisions are yours. 

Some information I deliver to you will make sense right away, and some you might have to think about for awhile. I find that eventually it all lines up and makes sense to you even if not right away. Messages can be emotional, meaningful, pointed, yet humorous. People keep their personalities even after physical death! Sometimes other family members will have validation because sometimes the message might also be for them. I haven't lived your life so I won't fully understand all the information given and references shown. Whatever is for your highest good will come through.

The spirit world is all around us, sharing the same space as us in the physical world, just existing at a higher vibrational frequency.

Once you book your reading, you permit me to read your energy, and you know within the following 48 hours you reading will be completed. Then you will find an email with all my findings right in your inbox. You don't have to do anything during that 48 hour period, other than remaining open to me reading your energy and going about life as you feel led. 

If you haven't yet booked a reading, you can do so here. You can purchase an email reading alone, or add a custom painting to it. These one-of-a-kind paintings are my interpretation of your energy at the time of your reading. If you'd like to read my client testimonials, they can be found here



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