Finding Your Purpose

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Finding your purpose is often confusing because we falsely believe that our purpose is what we do. It's not. 

Our purpose is who we are. 
Our purpose is who we are being, not what we are doing.

It's okay to change what you do along life's journey. That's pretty common. But somewhere along the ups and downs of life, we might forget who we are in the midst of all the change, stress, and challenge. 

Before the foundation of the world, God chose us. We are created for a purpose.  We were designed to be ourselves. There are no accidents or mistakes. Stop comparing yourself to others and allowing other people to dictate your purpose.

Clarity is needed to be who you were created to be. That clarity can come in a variety of ways but perfect clarity isn't always instantaneous. Challenging times have a way of weeding out the unnecessary things in life so you can have better focus. Age and maturity bring clarity because you've lived more of life. And faith in God allows for a deep trust in a more significant plan than just what you currently see before you. We all learn one way or another, take different paths to discovery, and it's true that you'll get it eventually.

Insight into who you were designed to be and your life's purpose can come through intuition development as well. When you strip away all the false beliefs about how you can receive guidance in life, and develop your connection to your inner knowing, amazing things happen for you. It's no surprise that God taught us to be still and know. I'm open to that stillness and knowing. What about you?

If you'd like to learn How to Develop Your Intuition I created a course that can help. It's a great way to begin and a good refresher course too. 

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