Grief and Mediums

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The pain of grief runs deep. It can seem painful, raw and fresh even when the loved one you lost passed years ago. Shared memories can be beautiful, but when they trigger grief, it can be hard to overcome those heavy emotions. Can seeing a medium can help someone work through the grief of losing a loved one? Yes, but with caveats.

Grief is a process and takes time. And everyone grieves in a personal way. There isn't one right way to grieve. Period. If you find yourself unable to move forward in life because you're feeling such a profound sense of loss, seeing a medium might be helpful. But, I would suggest you give the natural grieving process time to bring healing. Allow at least a month since the death of your loved one to seek an appointment with me or any other medium.  Professional therapists are also a fantastic resource. There's absolutely no shame in seeking therapy. They can help you navigate the various stages of grief and be a support for you throughout that journey. 

No medium can make assurances that the loved one you lost will come forward with a message for you. Mediums are the messengers, but Spirit will decide if and when they want to communicate. I do hear stories and have personal experience with loved ones no longer in the physical world leaving signs for those of us left behind. When grief is new, we often overlook these signs from Spirit. Finding coins in the oddest of places, seeing repeated numbers too many times to be a random occurrence, and smelling a familiar perfume or cigar smoke are just a few of the ways Spirit will say "hello" from the other side. Our loved ones still have their same personality, likes and dislikes even in death! They will use what's familiar to them and to us left behind to communicate. Be encouraged, if your loved ones can and desire to do so, they will communicate with you. 

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