Grief and the Holiday Season

grieving woman grief and the holiday season

Grief is a painful but necessary process we all must endure at one time or another.

Grieving during the holiday season is doubly painful. First, you feel the loss of loved ones more deeply. They aren't there to participate in traditional events or help create new memories. Second, your grief makes you appear to be calloused to the otherwise festive atmosphere of the most wonderful time of the year. Try as you might, you aren't up for peace, joy and all things sparkly and childlike. 

The grief process looks different for everyone and there is no right or wrong timeline to grieve. The process needs to naturally unfold before seeking the services of a medium like myself, but we can definitely help you gain perspective, receive encouragement, and tie up loose ends in a relationship. I ask you to allow at least a month after your loved one's passing before booking a reading with me. You need time to grieve and allow whatever emotions wish to come to the surface, to come. You also want the best reading possible, and the more removed you are from the heavy emotions connected with grief, the better the energetic connection will be and therefore you will experience a better reading. You will always feel a deep longing and sorrow after losing a loved one, but time can heal. Once some healing has occurred, then consider booking a reading to help you heal even more. 

God alone decides who will show up or not in a mediumistic reading. Please know you will receive what you most need, not what you most want during a reading with me. I'd also encourage you to be on the lookout for spirit signs and communication. If a loved one no longer living in this physical world can communicate, they will. 

Repeatedly finding coins in the oddest of places, seeing repeated numbers too many times to be a random occurrence, and smelling a familiar perfume or cigar smoke are just a few of the ways your loved ones will say "hello" from the other side. Our loved ones still have their same personality, likes and dislikes even in death. They will use what's familiar to them and to us left behind to communicate. 

A good way to increase your awareness of spirit signs is by developing your intuition. Intuition is your inner knowing and a way you can gather information outside your natural five senses. When you have a solid connection to your intuitive self, spirit signs are more easily recognizable. 

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