Guided Meditations


I have three new Guided Meditations available!

Positive Affirmations

High Vibe Morning  

High Vibe Evening

Guided meditations allow you to experience a time of focused meditation guided by verbal instruction and accompanied by music to help you achieve a higher vibrational state.   

My Positive Affirmations Meditation can help you achieve a more positive feeling state. It's wonderful to listen to daily. 

The High Vibe Morning Meditation will help you raise your vibration to a more positive feeling state. You will feel energized and ready to greet your day! 

My High Vibe Evening Meditation gently relaxes you to a more peaceful feeling state. You will be deeply relaxed, calm, and ready to drift off to sleep.

It's true that you are what you eat. It's also true you are what you listen to! 

You can get my Guided Meditations here


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