How Can I Accept My Psychic Gift

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Accepting what psychic abilities you have can feel like a challenge but it’s not! It just takes some time and a bit of understanding.

Psychics are skilled at sensing energy and any dynamic changes in spirit within a living human body. They also have the ability to detect a living human's energy body which extends beyond the physical body as well as the aura surrounding the living person. The living person need not be in the same physical space as the psychic to have the psychic be able to read their energy.

This simply means you can detect energy from other people and any changes in that energy. You detect this energy by using your natural five senses, intuition and also your sixth sense.

Psychic ability is truly a gift. Believe that and accept it. Embrace it! Once you understand more about the sixth sense, your particular gifting, and how to control it, you will be well on your way to enjoying life with psychic ability. 

Developing your intuition is the best place to begin. If you haven't already taken my course How to Develop Your Intuition start there. This course will help you become more comfortable with your energy. Maintaining a daily spiritual practice is important to remain grounded and grateful. Both are necessary to controlling psychic energy. Yoga, meditation, and other mind-body practices help the chakra centers stay aligned and open. The flow of energy to and from chakras will help you use your gifts.

All these and more are covered in The Spirited Life Project. This online course is designed for intuitive women to help them discover and develop their psychic gifts and learn to use them in everyday life. I'd love to have you join the other women in the course who are learning to accept and embrace their abilities and share them with the world.



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