How Does It Feel To Be A Teenager With Psychic Ability

teenage psychic girl

It can feel overwhelming!

But, it can also be the beginning of understanding your gifts, developing them, learning to control them, and use them for the rest of your life.

Now, the normal hormonal changes of the teenage years can make psychic development a bit more challenging, but it can be done. It takes determination, patience, and a commitment to practicing but the results are worth it. 

Some things I recommend:

  • meditate daily - calming the mind is really important
  • yoga or another mind - body practice helps ground your energy
  • journaling - will help you understand what emotions are yours and which are not
  • developing your intuition - deepens your connection to your inner knowing

There are many psychics that come from a long line of family members with psychic ability. But, it's not always the case. It wasn't that way for me. Being a teenager there are likely limits to seeking help for these spiritual gifts, but the things I listed above as well as eating a healthy diet, and reading books and blogs by other psychics are all ways you can help yourself now. 

It is important to have friends and family that:

  • believe your experiences, past, and present
  • help you understand your gifts and grow in developing them
  • support you learning more about being a psychic and what this can mean for your future
  • help you as you share your abilities with family and friends

If you want to know more I have written a few blog posts that can help:

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I also offer online courses to help:

My free How to Develop Your Intuition course is a great place to start.

The Spirited Life Project is for intuitive women who want to discover and develop their psychic gifts and learn to use them in everyday life.


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