How to Care For a Loved One in Hospice

hospice hands

Caring for a loved one in hospice is a time of high stress for everyone involved.

There are a few tips I can share with you, from a personal and professional perspective that would make this time a bit more bearable for all.

This time as difficult as it is, is a gift.

You must take care of your health to be able to care for someone else. Self-care might not seem like something you want to prioritize at a time such as this, but you must. When you have a reserve in your energetic tank, you can help your loved one who has a little reserve left. 

Don't be afraid of physical touch. Hold the hand of your loved one. The act of stroking the forehead is relaxing and comforting. It can be very comforting for both of you. 

Speak to the hospice patient with encouragement. Happy memories when shared with laughter are healing for everyone. Say I love you. 

The person transitioning to life beyond this physical world can still sense emotion, recognize your presence, and feel the love from those gathered, even if those senses are dulled and even if they can't communicate that to you. 

Loved ones no longer living in this physical world come together to receive the one transitioning. God is good to his beloved, and these guides are lovely and peaceful. 

When we lose a loved one, it is one of the most difficult times to walk through as a human being. Standing together in support of each other, laying all differences aside, reduces stress, brings healing, and creates the most peaceful atmosphere for our loved one leaving us. 

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