Intuition and a Telepathic Game

friends intuition telepathic challenge game

Would you like a fun way to flex your intuitive muscles and have fun doing it?

Try this game!


Telepathic Verbal Challenge/Game:

Choose a friend and share this challenge with them. This challenge/game will have the best results when conducted over five to seven days. Make an agreement* that you will both telepathically (in your mind) send each other one strong message each day of the challenge. I suggest sending the message several times throughout the day. As you send the messages telepathically, speak the message aloud. This speaking out loud creates a fantastic energetic agreement and boosts the vibration of the message. Make sure to focus on your friend (you can picture them in your mind) and focus on the message you want to send, but this typically takes only 3-5 minutes. It's worth the time!

Take note during the week of how you are receiving messages from your friend.

  • Do you hear them speaking to you in your mind?
  • Do you see words in your mind or a picture?
  • When do you receive the messages?
  • When you wake or fall asleep?
  • At random times throughout your day?
  • When you are at work or at home?

At the end of the week talk with your friend to see how you each did. Not only does this challenge strengthen your intuitive muscles but it's a great way to send positive, high vibes to someone you care about. 

*Make sure to set an agreement with your friend before you begin, because getting their permission to send them energy is proper and respectful!  

Let me know how your challenge went in the comments below!




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