Intuition and Intelligence

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Intuition and intelligence go hand in hand.

Children, in their innocence, are more intuitively led. Children follow their gut, but they can’t typically explain why they like or dislike something or someone, but they just do. Our parents teach us how to walk, eat, and speak. We go to school and learn reading, science, and math. As we grow into adulthood, we rely upon our logic and analytical brain much more, and this is useful and necessary. 

Intuition spans the gap between logic and reason and instinct and inner knowing. As adults, we often become separated from hearing our intuition, yet we need it for insight and decision-making. Leaning solely upon our intelligence means denying the sometimes quieter whispers of our intuition. 

If your analytical mind is leading you towards one choice yet for some reason, you feel a hesitation, resistance, a gut-check; listen to those warning signs from your intuition. It's always best if intuition and intellect agree, but this doesn't always happen. These two forces can seem to be in opposition when:

  • fear (however slight) is involved, especially in relationships
  • people you trust choose differently than you do
  • it is a time of high emotional stress or illness
  • your parents raised you to doubt and mistrust others and yourself

In these times, take a step back, and wait. It can only take a few moments to gain clarity, and that's what's needed when confusion is in the mix. Waiting is worth it. You will most likely be leaning towards one choice when logically checking the facts. Then allow your gut to guide you. Intuition is there, literally activated in the gut, to lead you to the best choice for you at that time. 
If you aren't sure how your intuition guides you or even how to listen to it, you can read What is Intuition and take my free email course How to Develop Your Intuition


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