Losing Weight

baby hand in elderly hand

We start to forget things.

We fail to remember people. 

We start to allow the things that weigh us down in this life go.

And as they go, and the weight lifts from us, the true us begins to emerge.


The closer we grow to take the next step in our life's journey from this dimension to the next, from living within a physical body to residing outside its confines, the mind loosens its grip on us and our spirit begins to take control.

When our loved ones leave this physical world, the pain we feel is palpable. There's no denying it. Often the death of a loved one is more emotionally painful to those who will be left behind than the one doing the dying. This pain is the result of time lost, words left unsaid, actions left undone, and mountains of regret. No one lives a perfect life, but it is possible to choose love and to do so over and over again.

Good intentions are good medicine for the heart.

Having good intentions towards others helps the healing process of deep wounds. Healing can take place when we set the ego aside and set our intent to focus on love. And love is what binds us all together.

No wonder services that offer to trace your ancestry and discover the truth behind your DNA have become so popular. Technology has given us a way to see not only who we are, but how we connect with others. We crave relationships. They are what matter the most. And when relationships end in this physical world we feel a profound disconnect. 

The shadow of love is a deep and painful thing. 

Light shines brightest in the dark, and I'm shining as brightly as I can to lead the way. The focus of my work is to offer encouragement to brokenhearted people. You might need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to hear your burden or a little bit of guidance and support. My clients find a reading with me to be healing. You can schedule one here


Stealing causes bad karma and no one wants that. 

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