Love and Energy

hands holding heart shells

Love is the highest vibration and the foundation from which I give my readings.

Love is meant to be given and received. It's a beautiful energetic exchange that has far-reaching benefits. Love knows no bounds and this is proven true in reading after reading. We remain connected to our loved ones even when they aren't physically here with us because love isn't restricted by any limitation we can imagine.

We spend a lot of time giving love to others, but we need to make certain we love ourselves too.

Self-love raises our energetic vibration, feels good, adds to our health, and creates a more vibrant life. It allows us to love others well. 

So as we approach a day focused on love how can we make sure to include ourselves in the celebration?

A few of my favorite ways to practice self-love are:

  • Get a massage or other bodywork
  • Spend time in nature
  • Gain a bit more clarity by getting a reading
  • People watching at a coffee shop
  • Coffee, dark chocolate and a good book
  • Listen to guided meditations
  • Enjoy a bubble bath
  • Listen to an inspiring podcast 
  • Take a new exercise class
  • Buy a new outfit

These are just a few ways to practice self-love and raise your energetic vibration while you're at it! Try one or two and see how great you feel and how it impacts your ability to love others.  



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