Love is the Highest Vibration

hands make a heart for love

Love is the highest energetic vibration and emotional state that exists. Surrounded by love is the way we want to enter and leave this physical world.

Love is patience, kindness, and the greatest gift. It is not jealous or proud.  
Love is the very nature of God and costs us something when we give it to one another. 

It can be far too easy to slip into lower energetic states because life is full of challenges. Not every day is stellar. But, a few simple practices can make returning to love much easier.

Gratitude - there are always things for which to be grateful. You woke up today; the sun is shining, and you get to do a lot of amazing things. Being alive is pretty amazing and if need be just be thankful for the next breath. 

Forgiveness - holding onto bitterness and plotting revenge never holds back anything from the one you feel did you wrong. It costs you plenty though. All the time and energy wasted on these lower vibrations is just that-a big waste. You are far better to release these wounds and allow what was done to be in the past. There are a time and place to make things right, but those might not be up to you to decide. 

Prayer and meditation - Asking God for what you need and being thankful for all you have is an excellent daily practice.  Bringing your awareness to the present moment in quiet meditation, is grounding and allows you to notice better the reality of what is happening around you. Prayer is a conversation, but we often forget to be quiet and hear the answer given to us. 

The highest vibration of love closely followed by joy, belief, optimism, passion, freedom, and hope can change our lives and the lives of those around us. If you're struggling to feel these positive states, you might want to try my Positive Affirmations Guided Meditation. And I always recommend my free e-course How to Develop Your Intuition. Intuition nudges us to look at, feel into, and act on the inspiration we receive. And that will draw you closer to Love. 



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