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There is life after death.

Evidential mediumship offers proof of survival of consciousness after physical death. The focus of my mediumship isn't necessarily on the people who have passed from this physical world but rather the healing of those people left behind. Mediumship is a beautiful spiritual gift from God and offers great healing and encouragement. 

As a medium, I have the ability to translate the language of frequency in a way you can understand. I want the painting I create for you to represent the energetic relationship between you and spirit. Primarily using clairvoyance, which is intuition, discernment, and vision; I observe any changes in energy around me and you, and translate what I see, feel, hear, and sense. I try to communicate with the energy I sense and gather accurate information about the person with whom I am communicating. Many times personality traits present themselves to me first because we don't lose our character when we leave this physical world.

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Our essence, our spirit, is still our essence. You will still be you even after you die.

Our loved ones will communicate with us using recognizable signs and symbols. We have daily opportunities to witness this miraculous communication, but often we are too inwardly focused and miss a lot. They appear to us in dreams. They speak to us when we think about them, and their favorite song begins playing on the radio. We see their favorite number everywhere. These are just a few of the ways they let us know they are cheering us on as we live out the rest of our life. They witness how we live and want us to live well. 

I believe my abilities are a gift from God and one that I am supposed to use. In my readings, I seek to provide you a meaningful message full of encouragement and healing. You can read a few testimonials here or schedule a reading of your own. 



Stealing causes bad karma and no one wants that. 

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