Messages That Are Hard To Hear

message hard to hear sorrow woman

Some messages are difficult for clients to receive, but precisely what is needed. 

Psychic medium readings are always for your highest good. So, this means you will receive the message you need, not necessarily the message you want. Have the intention to hear the message delivered entirely and to sit with the information given for a time if needed. I know it can be so painful when you want healing from a deep hurt, closure for a broken relationship, or answers to questions that still linger. Sometimes, those things which we seek come, and other times we must move forward without what we so desperately desire. 

Don't arrive at the reading with the ending in mind. 

I delivered a message recently which was difficult for the client to hear at the time because it wasn't what he thought he wanted. But, after some reflection, he realized the closure came that he was seeking if not in the way he thought it would happen. As merely the messenger, I cannot decide what you need at the moment of reading. That is up to God. But, when your loving intention and open heart are ready to receive something warm and beautiful, messages are encouraging, healing, and comforting to the broken-hearted. 

They can be life-changing.

The spirit realm has a different timeline, set of rules, and priorities than we do here in our world. If we stay open to Spirit's leading, our journey always leads to love. If you'd like a reading you can book one here


Stealing causes bad karma and no one wants that. 

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