Opportunities and Intuition

peanut butter jelly sandwich

Opportunities and intuition go together like peanut butter and jelly. It just works.


When you develop your intuition, you discover a few things. 


  • You learn more about yourself and who you really are. 
  • You discover what you truly want out of life.
  • You become a more open-minded and compassionate person. 
  • You become aware of more options in your life.
  • You desire to reach your God-given potential.

First, developing your intuition is a lifelong journey. And a wonderful one at that. But you want to dive deeper. Connect more. Receive more. Good news? You can. Intuition is our inner compass, and everyone has it. But, not everyone uses it sufficiently to create their best life.

Please understand you found this post for a reason. You were guided here. There must be something in your life you feel is lacking and you want clarity to be able to move forward. No wonder psychic mediums and the subject of manifesting are both so popular right now. People everywhere are striving and struggling and feel o-ver-it

When you develop your intuition, you become more deeply connected to yourself and the will of God for your life and have an easier time tuning out the external noise. Your inner knowing nudges you every single day but when you're too caught up in stress, low vibes, sorrow, worries, fear, etc. you miss all those intuitive nudges. You receive some, but not all and it's better to gather all the information you can to make better decisions. 

Developing your intuition leads to more inspiration, and when you take action on that inspiration, you get incredible results. Manifesting your best life doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, the more fun and high vibe you keep things, the better the results. So, develop your intuition, gain clarity surrounding your most authentic desires, remain open-minded to the information you receive, and act from a place of love and compassion. 

My free 5-day course How to Develop Your Intuition is a great place to begin strengthening your intuitive connection, gaining clarity for your desires, and helping you live your best life. What are you waiting for? Why not begin today?


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