Physical Health and Intuition

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Every new year brings a fresh commitment to creating our best self.

We want to feel better, be healthier and connect in a more profound way to those around us.

These desires are rooted in both the physical and energetic self. Our physical body entangles our energetic body. They really can't be separated. So, we must recognize how the health of one affects the other.

Feeling into the incredible energy of a new year can be exciting and full of hope, but if you don't make physical changes that support your energetic ones, the changes won't last. And vice-versa. 

Your intuition knows the way. You just need to follow it. 

Food is fuel. We fuel our bodies to perform at peak... or not. The choice is mostly ours. When we consume fresh, quality, high vibe foods our physical and energetic bodies, respond well. We can connect more easily to our spiritual side and remain connected. We aren't as shaken by life's stresses and the low vibes of others. 

Certain foods such as hard liquor and chocolate are more grounding and relate to the lower chakras of the body, but you can't survive on these foods alone. Just like the higher vibrational foods such as fruit are essential to consume but don't make for a healthy diet when that's the only thing you eat.

Balance is essential. Eating a rainbow of foods affects the rainbow of chakras. This food variety helps to keep a balance within the energetic system of the body. The balance between high and low vibe foods also has a profound and positive impact on your physical health. This balance makes a more clear channel to connect to your intuitive self and help you to receive its guidance. 

Exercise also impacts the physical human body and the energetic one too. Moving your physical body breaks up congested, stagnant energy and releases it. The mental, emotional, and physical benefits are unlimited. Plus, it just feels good. 

So while making new resolutions to better your health is great, remember balance is essential to success. You must not ignore the health of your energy body and intuition to be fully healthy. You can live your best life when you care for your whole body, intuition included.

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