Random Readings

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Random readings aren't random at all.

They are that kind of mediumship reading that happens when you aren't working.

The kind when spirit decides to show up when you're not "on the clock" so to speak. 

Of course, this is merely speculation on my part, but I believe the spirit can sense a medium's ability to connect, and if other conditions are just so, they will make their presence known to the medium. It's like spirit senses the medium's bat signal and follows it from another dimension. It's always interesting to me when this happens. Spirit seems to know when I'm near someone they love and remain close to even though they no longer live in this physical world. Take a spirit, add a loved one, add medium, equals a random reading.

These readings are challenging because you never know if someone is open to receiving the information I want to pass along. I've found most people are open to it. I'm so thankful for that because spirits can be quite insistent! I've recently had the same two spirits show up more than once just to make sure I was getting the message. There must be a great need for those connections when a spirit is that insistent! 

I was so thankful I could pass along my findings from that reading. It becomes very uncomfortable for a medium when you can't deliver a message. Now, that message I gave recently was to someone I know, not to someone I happened upon on the street. Still, if spirit finds the conditions to be right for making a connection, they will attempt it. Mediums can close off the connection, but it's never fully closed. And so the bat signal keeps shining, and the spirits keep saying hello. 

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