Signs and Your Intuition

question mark intuition sign

We often wish to develop our intuition to help us see signs in life that we believe will guide us in our journey. This belief is misguided.

Signs along the way don't genuinely help us feel more empowered, confident, or safe. Depending on signs as guideposts makes us feel less confident, uncertain, and more confused about choices we need to make. We sometimes need a nudge and an obvious one at that because when we become disconnected from our inner knowing doubt creeps in. But you can trust your intuition. 

Intuition development is foundational to living your best life. Everyone has intuition, but some are more aware of it than others. Your intuition will always serve your highest good and the best interests of others. Strengthening your intuitive connection allows you to make quick decisions and life-altering choices. Intuition guides you on the right path, keeps you aligned and in connection with your life's purpose. If you need guidance to Develop Your Intuition my free email course is the perfect first step to help you.

Signs come in a variety of ways such as finding coins, seeing feathers, birds, repeated numbers, or any myriad of ways that are unique to the individual. What a change of perspective it is to understand these signs are meant to confirm what your intuition already knows. Your intuition has led you to a decision, and when connected to intuition you trust it. Signs that follow are confirmation of the knowledge within. Signs confirm what your intuition already knows, and that is powerful in helping you live your best life. 


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