Spirit Boundaries

crowd of spirit people

The only spirit I'm open to all the time is the Holy Spirit.

Setting boundaries in my work as a medium are necessary, but since my spiritual gifts are active 100% of the time, I need to maintain my awareness when I'm on and off the clock.

Yes, spirits can line up when "word gets out" there's a medium available. It doesn't often happen, but spirits can form a line when I'm trying to sleep or in a more relaxed and open state.  It's not much different from reading for a client when more than one spirit makes their presence known. Sometimes they wait their turn patiently, other times the stronger personalities override everyone else present. We don't lose our personalities when we leave this physical world! 
Spirit can also be insistent to communicate when I'm not working. Because of my gifting sometimes their insistence and my gift are a match in frequency and I have to resist reading someone's energy. Just because I see or sense something, or someone, doesn't mean I should share that information right then. I have to use discernment about an appropriate time to share with them. 

Spirit senses my mediumship "bat signal" and knows I'm observing and aware, so they come close to communicate. I always pray for God's will and whatever he chooses to come through will come. But, it is my responsibility to have healthy boundaries to ensure I don't drain myself energetically. Those boundaries are guidelines for the spirits that choose to show themselves to me. We have rules for communication while living in the physical world, so it shouldn't be any different for a spirit. I also need to be very aware of a psychic attack. Mediumship means you can encounter more than loving human spirits and as a Christian, I need to be on guard. 
Spirit boundaries are loving, necessary, protective and important for me, my clients and the spirits. Maintaining energetic and spiritual awareness helps reduce unwanted spirit visits, and for that I'm grateful! 

If you'd like a psychic mediumship reading of your own, I'd love to work with you. All the information for my readings is found here. If you'd like to learn more about your own psychic gifts, I created The Spirited Life Project and I'd love to help you along your journey of self-discovery. 


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