Spring Cleaning Your Intuition

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Spring is a time for new life, growth, and revival. 

If you want to lose the energetic winter blahs and start springtime with a clean slate I have just the thing for you. Your intuition can collect dust bunnies like your furniture does. Every once in awhile you need to do a thorough cleaning of both your physical and energetic space. There are many ways to clear residual energy from your home and if you've just done a typical spring cleaning of your home all the better. Removing layers of clutter in all forms is good for mind, body, and spirit! My favorite ways of clearing residual energy from your physical space are:

  • Water and salt
  • Fresh air
  • Smudging
  • Prayer
  • Music
  • Crystals

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These methods are wonderful for freshening up the energy of the physical space around you, but you also need to renew your internal space. In fact, that dwelling is the most important space to keep clean. Energetic interference can have an effect on your physical and mental health, emotions, spiritual life, and the flow of intuition. So, now that you have a fresh, clean foundation in your home, let's create the same thing for your intuition. Grab your journal and a pen and find a place where you can spend a few minutes uninterrupted.

  • Begin with the breath. Relax and simply breathe. Don't rush this process. We hold our breath when we feel stress and this contacting isn't helpful. Expand your ribcage and breathe in clean air. Exhale stale air and the energy that is no longer serving you. Repeat this cycle of breaths for several minutes. 
  • Take a moment and connect with each of your five natural senses. What do you feel, see, hear, taste, and smell around you? Do you notice one sense is more active or forefront right now? Again, journal your responses. 
  • How does your energy feel at this present moment? Do you feel joyful, distracted, sad, angry? What emotions are rising to the surface because of the thoughts you are thinking right now? Journal your responses.
  • What you should be left with is a good indication of what might be triggering you or interrupting your intuitive flow. But, it's simple to get back in alignment and flow! Take a page and journal things you're grateful for. If you feel like you can't write fast enough speak it out loud! You'll find your vibe becomes elevated and emotions lifted pretty quickly. And if inspiration strikes, keep your journal handy to jot it down so you can take action on it!

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