Unwanted Psychic Readings

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"Are you a mind reader?"

I hear that on occasion, and it always makes me laugh. But, sometimes a person is asking without making a joke, they truly want the answer. Come to find out; they have not consented to an intuitive reading but have gotten one anyway.

Sometimes these readings are by accident. The reader means well and wants to pass along their insight to be helpful. Other times, the ego of the reader is in the way, and a lack of boundaries is present. I've been the victim of these kinds of readings, and honestly, I've seen this happen the most in church. Someone has a "word" for you and feels it's their calling to clue you in on your life's direction and choices you've made. Everyone has free will and just like life's decisions are up to the individual to make, so are creating boundaries and saying "no" to unwanted energetic readings. 

Asking to share your gift with someone is always appropriate, within the right context of course. Professional intuitive people will ask for and receive permission before reading someone. Intention matters a great deal, especially to someone skilled at reading the energy of others. If your intention is authentic and from a place of love, the results can be incredible. 

I can't read your mind, but I know how your thoughts make me feel. 


If you want a psychic reading, get a reading from an intuitive person you know operates in their gift and is looking out for your highest good. Get a referral from a friend. Check testimonials. You should know when that psychic is reading you and when they complete the reading. You should also give your permission to be read. 

Make sure to manage your energy and intuition. The more centered and grounded you are, the better you can notice the energy of someone else and the easier time you will have to ward it off if unwanted. This management also means maintaining your spiritual gifts. It should be part of your daily spiritual practice. Within church walls, these lessons aren't often taught but are highly valuable to learn

If someone with deceptive motives intends to affect your energy with theirs, that’s dishonest and unwanted. This invasion happens not just with psychic readings but in all sorts of relationships. Again, boundaries and energy management are keys to successful, energetic exchanges.

So whether you're an energy reader or recipient, firm boundaries, honorable intention, and seeking the highest good of all involved will ensure a fantastic outcome.  


Stealing causes bad karma and no one wants that. 

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