What I'm Reading (Volume 1)


I enjoy reading books in the spiritual/intuitive genre and expanding my knowledge in this area. There's always something new to learn!

I recently finished two books I wanted to share with you here. First, I read "Awaken the Spirit Within" by Rebecca Rosen. What initially caught my eye was that she lives in Denver, Colorado. I made my home in and around the Denver area for nearly 40 years, so of course, I bought her book. The book serves as a guide to fulfilling your divine purpose, and for me, I feel as if I am already doing so, but I was still interested in her take on this subject. 

Rosen's belief in the ancient Kabbalah traditions are a highlight throughout, and she takes you through ten steps to awaken your spirit. Rosen offers many examples of client sessions and the healing results from those sessions as well. If Kabbalah and archangels are of interest to you; this book should probably find it's way to your home library. 

I recently finished reading "Medium: A Step-By-Step Guide to Communicating with the Spirit World" by Konstanza Morning Star. I highlighted so much in the book, and I know it will be re-read many times over. Appropriate for beginning and advanced mediums alike, Morning Star, an ordained Spiritualist minister, covers the basics of what mediumship is to the natural cycles of mediumship development. Her take on this kind of work is honest, joyful and encouraging. Right up my alley! Included are many exercises to boost and balance your clairvoyance etc., and I am excited to try those exercises that are new to me. Even though she and I have different faith viewpoints, I learned a lot from her and highly recommend the book. If you'd like to read these books, the links are below. Also, if you are reading books of this type, you probably wonder if you have psychic ability. I've created a Psychic Abilities Checklist to help you discover the answer. You can download it below. 


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