What is Intuition

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Intuition is your inner voice, that inner knowing that won’t ever steer you wrong. Listening to yourself and your inner knowing is vital to a balanced, happy life.

I've spent my entire life fascinated by intuition and how vital a role it plays in everyday life. Acting on intuition will always serve your highest good and the best interests of others. Intuition development lays a firm foundation for you to make quick decisions and life-altering choices. Intuition guides you on the right path, keeps you aligned and in connection to your purpose, and when circumstances become difficult provides an anchor to hold. You can know what is right for you and trust that your intuition will guide you to live your best life. It always acts on behalf of your best interest and the highest good of others. Intuition will never lead you to harm yourself or others.

The brain uses your memories and information from your natural senses to create a gut-reaction. Often referred to as the "second brain" your gut and the resulting reaction are so quick it happens at an unconscious level. Intuition is more than this natural feeling it's also listening to your inner voice or your inner knowingness irrespective of pertinent facts or other information. Intuition spans the gap between logic and reason and instinct and inner knowing. Keeping your gut (your digestive system) healthy benefits your entire physical and energetic bodies. And both are vital to overall health and a happy life. 

Do you want to:

  • Understand what your intuition is and connect to it more deeply and profoundly?
  • Learn techniques to achieve balance and create a better flow of your intuitive knowledge?
  • Begin trusting your inner knowing to help you make better, faster decisions?
  • Stop over-thinking every decision you have to make?
  • Learn how to listen to your inner voice of intuition?
  • Rely on your intuition for guidance?
  • Learn more about your sixth sense?
  • Understand the connection between intuition and manifesting your best life?

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