Why Intention Matters

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What is intention and why does it matter?

Intention is:

  • an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result
  • the end or object intended; purpose
  • purpose or attitude toward the effect of one's actions or conduct
  • the act or fact of intending
  • meaning or significance

Intention matters a great deal. Where you focus your mind and heart, you concentrate your energy. During a reading with me, when we both hold the intention for the highest good of all, fantastic results happen. But, when you are determined to receive what you want only, things can disappoint easily. 

Our intentions are the foundation on which we vibrate out. 

When we set our intention on a loving outcome, ego falls away. 

Often in readings, my clients want one more day of connection with a lost loved one. One. More. Day. In a way, that happens sometimes. Other times, the reading is more about the client's need to continue to live. A higher vibration has a profound affect on a reading and on your life.

But we often doubt ourselves and we doubt our intuition. And that doubt lowers your vibration. It alters your intention and you begin to only want what you want, not what you and others most need. We become stuck and unable to move forward in life, which is exactly what the ego wants. We want approval to take action because without it we remain unaccountable and play the blame game. We don't need someone's approval, whether that person is living or not. 

What we need is a second opinion for our intuition.

Book a reading with me and that's what you get. 

Friends, family, social media and the news can sway your intention and then your vibration lowers. If your connection to your intuition isn't developed one scroll through your Instagram feed might leave you feeling full of doubt, worry or angst. 

You need to be crystal clear about setting your intentions and then acting on the direction your intuition gives.  

You'll vibe higher, and attract more of the same. 

If you want to Develop Your Intuition, I created a free 5-day email course to help and you can start right away. 



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