Workspace Ideas for Intuitive People


Intuitive people have a few unique requirements when it comes to having a comfortable and productive workspace. Whether your job is home-based or office-based, there are a few things you can do in your surroundings to support and even boost your intuition.  

A quiet place to retreat to is critical. Solitude is vital to an intuitive because most are also introverts. Seeking time alone allows for a high flow of creativity and connection to inner wisdom.

Having boundaries on who can enter your workspace and when is helpful. You do enjoy occasionally collaborating, but rules need to be enforced about when and where partnership happens.  

Fresh flowers or a small plant connects nature to your workspace. This natural element is grounding and reminds you there is more to your life than just the tasks on your desk. If you can work by a window, that's wonderful! If you can open the window for some fresh air, that's even better.

As a Certified Crystal Therapist, I choose individual crystals each month to help me strengthen or calm different chakras in my body and to balance them. I also use these for energy clearing before and after a Message. 

A few affirmations or a personal mantra you can repeat throughout the day keeps you grounded and connected to your purpose. These can change as you find your needs shift. Keep your mantras written on index cards on your desk, on the back of your door or in your journal. Keep them somewhere handy where you can re-read them throughout your day. 

Pen and paper. In a highly digital world, good, old-fashioned journaling for personal and professional reasons is highly beneficial. It helps to flesh out ideas, bring calm and order to your thought process and reduce emotional swings that interfere with productivity. Intuitive people feel everything. They feel their emotions and those of people around them. They feel an unbalanced weight of wanting to help everyone. Surrounded by a workforce that values logic over intuition, this feels ostracizing. So, let those feelings out and gain clarity and better vision. 

With just a few things added to your workspace to support your intuition, you can enjoy time at work and not feel as if you compromise who you are. That helps both your professional and personal lives.

Get a list of my favorite tools I use in my workspace below!


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